~The Third Boon~

20 Mar

I was born near the bay,

On a Shrove-Tuesday,

Blessed with the three boons,

Under that shining moon…


People followed me,

For my cute smile,

It was my first boon,

I realised it in a while…


At the age of 29,

People left me quarantine,

Realizing ‘Loneliness’ as the 2nd boon,

I held the glass of wine…


At the age of 67,

When I left, for heaven,

I wondered for the third boon,

Gazing at that Old Moon…


Entering the gate of heaven,

I saw THAT mighty ACE,

He hugged me with a smile,

Reading my boggling face…


It was that furious dash,

Which left me into ash,

My friends cried in grief,

I remember, that moment, in brief…


Seeing my friends in pain,

GOD sent me to earth again,

In that month of June,

I realized my third boon…


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Posted by on March 20, 2011 in Poems


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