~A Tear In Return~

20 Mar

You were so busy,

It made your eyes go dizzy,

You forgot there was ‘someone in the crowd,

Saturated completely with a tearful cloud…


Do you remember that first meet?

When both of us felt so complete,

Now I shed a tear a day,

For I want that time to repeat…


My eyes still search for you over here,

Or admist the crowd, right there,

But I am let down in despair,

When I find you are really nowhere…


Why does ‘this happen to me,

What does GOD want me to be?

You tore my heart apart in pieces,

‘Leave me Alone’, is my only plea…


I still go to our favorite beach,

To touch the sky I could never reach,

Looking at that curvy endless wave,

I thump my heart and make it brave…


Its my chance,Another turn,

Life blessed me with,Lessons to learn…

But please do promise,When I die,

You’ll gift me with, A Tear In Return…


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Posted by on March 20, 2011 in Poems



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