~Sugar, 6 Spoons~

07 Apr

Yes, it was, a Funny Friday,

Both of us wanted the time, to stay,

Pretending to be obsessed with the file,

A wanted to spare out some more while…

She knew it well,

It was hard for me to look into her eyes,

But she would never tell,

That she knew, all those lies…

She got the cup,

And I stood up,

She looked at me,

But, I wanted the tea…

And came out,

The tea form the teapot,

But our eyes still were,

Tied, as a knot…

Tea just smelled, awesome that day,

It was above, whatever you can pay,

Still our starring, couldn’t apart,

And I felt, it was just the start…

Within no time she took a teaspoon,

Starring at her, for me, was a boon,

Still our eyes, were locked in each-others glee,

“Make the tea fast”, was my minds plea…

I rushed to her, and caught her hand,

We got the feel, of touching wet sand,

Under the light or the lustrous moon,

I shouted-

“Why the hell did you add sugar, 6 spoons!!!”



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Posted by on April 7, 2011 in Poems


One response to “~Sugar, 6 Spoons~

  1. kamakshi

    May 31, 2011 at 6:56 am

    i thought u write good serious poetry…last me popat hi kar diya..


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