Blow your husk away

10 Jul

Enough of collecting the corns,
The efforts have been made, enough,
It’s time for some shucking
The smiles have been delivered,
Amidst the sorrow, grief, despair,
It’s time for some earning
Abysmal, was that time,
But you did fare well,
This life has just started,
It’s time for some learning
Learning, understanding,
The mystery behind your existance,
The truth behind nature’s lie,
The reason why the tide ebbed at the shore,
Why life is being such a whore,
The risk of seeing another sun,
The resistance behind starting the run,
The trick in mocking a genius,
The rule that’s surreal, heinous,
The agony in that mighty roar,
The dearth in that preserved galore,
The pain in admitting a retard,
To slap someone tight, and hug them hard,
Many, infinite such things,
Close your eyes, get those wings,
It’s time,
To blow your husk away!


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Posted by on July 10, 2012 in Poems


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