Brisk Balderdash!

21 Jul


This is not a poem. All the sentences/lines written below are non-sense and any resemblance to anything making sense, at all, is purely fictional and absolutely not intended. Stop using your brain for next two minutes and enjoy! 😀

Not a poem,
Not even a rhyme,
*Waiter alert*
“You prefer sweet or sour lime?”

Hit with a bow,
Import potato from Morocco,
In the dark,
We see no shadow 😛

Police Station,
London Return,
Tracks in class,
New fashion 😉

Old gift,
Teddy bear,
Arctic ocean,
Polar bear,
Lot of hair,
Very fair 😛

Palm oil,
If mosquito bites,
Use kachwa coil 😀

After bath,
Use towel,
For sexy hair,
Y U NO use gel 😀

Sing along,
Ping Pong,
Back from Haryana,
Going Hong Kong 😀

Eat all day,
Make love,
On a hill-top

Last stanza,
Hanza Panza.
Dominos Pizza,
Extravaganza 😀


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Posted by on July 21, 2012 in Poems


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