Engineering, from a different angle

04 Dec

Hum sab toh college degree paane ke liye jaate the…
Degree nai hogy, toh naukri nai hogy
Naukri nai hogy, to koi baap apni beti nahi dega – Bank credit card nahi degy – Duniya respect nai degy.
Lekin vo saala college degree ke liye nahi, sirf padhne ke liye aaya tha
Usko na last aane ka darr tha, na first aane ka lalach     – 3 Idiots

Often these lines break me *and* make me. It seriously gives me a reason to deliberate over the prime purpose of taking engineering.

I remember I was in 8th grade when I decided that I wanted to be a computer engineer. It was not an outcome of mere liking for spending time with computer which made me think so. There was this fascination. There was this undefined attraction (if I may call it that) which made me think so.

Today when I am halfway through and I look at myself, there is this unknown person I see. He talks more about “future” and not in a good way. He fears getting a good college for masters, he fears about his grades too much, he fears about landing in a “good” company. His fascination is replaced by fear. His undefined attraction is completely replaced by “acutely-defined-Want-Tos”.

This, probably will lead him to a big flat, with a couple of cars parked in the garage, with a cabin in an office bearing a personalized name plate, and, many more perks. But all this falls under a category ‘probably’. And if this is achieved, it will come along with white hair, pills for stress management, a few extra kilograms of weight, and again, many more such ‘perks’.

So after 40 years from now, when he is back from his farewell party, when he hangs his boots, he realizes he did exactly opposite to what he had planned in 8th grade. No doubt he is a computer engineer, and that was the plan. But still something, he feels, is missing. There is a fair chance he will realize what went wrong in the whole process and now he has nothing which can mend it.

Fools be harsh on themselves for what has past,
The wise try and mend it.     – Bhumil Haria

Why wait for those 40 years, when he can change now. When he can stop worrying about things which, later, won’t even matter.

Albeit of being halfway through my engineering, I start afresh. I will try to learn and experiment. I will try to live up to that 8th grader’s dream. Amen!

Technology should emerge from the seeds of innovation, blossom with creativity, and, nurture the whole world by making their life simpler.     – Kunj Karia

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