Somethings are just meant to be

11 Mar


Somethings are just meant to be

Once upon a time,
There were two birds,
Chirping around,
In their nest…

A bird of them, suddenly flew,
Other one, had no clue,
She wept and cried,
From the dusk, till the grass had dew…

Another bird just came along,
Sang a song,
Time they spent, together,
Oh! Painfully long…

But as they say,
Somethings don’t stay,
Leaving her aloof,
He flew away,
All this while,
Old bird was there, always,
Only that he couldn’t say…

One fine day,
While she was window shopping,
This old bird flew to her,
With a twinkle, a tear,
Confessed, proposed,
Looking in her eye,
Holding her near…

The old love birds, got along,
Fears allay,
Fervor, so strong,
Dance around, with them,
Lets chirp along…

Somethings are true,
Somethings of you, somethings of me,
Somethings are just meant to be!


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Posted by on March 11, 2013 in Poems


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