Love at first sight!

25 Apr

first sight love

Typical Mumbai dawn again,
Missed my school bus, such a pain,
Took the cycle, rushed to school,
Attending lectures was such a heinous rule!
Tyre punctured on the way,
Such an annoying, irritating day!
There came an awesome breeze,
Soothing wind pecked my cheek!
Punctured tyre was such a flop,
There I realized a stare from bus stop!
Pretty girl staring at me,
Smile on her face with all the glee!
Her flicks were at mercy of the breeze,
She fixed them straight with so much ease!
A gust of wind and her books fell down,
She couldn’t bend owing to her gown!
I rushed to her and lift the book,
She just smiled, oh my god, that look!
I lost my heart, then and there,
Couldn’t help myself, but stop and stare!
For a minute, world seemed still,
Her pretty face was such a steal!
First sight love or chiché you call this,
My annoying day turned out to bliss!


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Posted by on April 25, 2013 in Poems


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