Cycling to Mulund – Yogi Hills trek.

09 Jan

I saw two movies yesterday, back to back. The Secret life of Walter Mitty and The Wolf of Wall Street. These are two opposite movies. The latter one was a bit stretched is what I felt. But, whatever, after spending almost 6 hours at the theatre, I wanted to go to a calm place. To sit. Silent.

So we, me and Eishany, decided to trek to Yogi Hills, Mulund.


Screenshot from 2014-01-09 16:07:46

We started cycling from Thane to Cypress at 7am, which is short and sweet 6.5 kms ride.

I met my grandpa at the start of Yogi hills. Boy he is fit at 65!

IMG-20140109-WA0007There was a lot of smog this morning.

There are three phases to this hill. We reached and waited at the second phase for a breather. Weren’t we the luckiest people, we got to see the White Sun! The moment justified this scene from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Walter : When are you going to click that photo?
Sean : *long pause* Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes when the moment is perfect, I don’t like distraction of the camera.

well of course, me being Walter and Eishany being Sean, here.

1525061_617653728284626_1984331841_nSo we were passing through this forest patch,

Me : Hey, you want to know a fun-fact about this place?
Eishany : (all enthusiastic) Yeah temme!
Me : Leopard killed a guy at this place a few years ago! Almost every year leopards are spotted around this place.

No wonder people stop hanging around with me.

1551704_617652604951405_1268323419_nThis is the view from the top. You can see Tulsi lake on the other side.

Now, there are two diversions. One route will take you through the forest to the other side and the other one will take you back from where you started. Take the second route if you don’t want to make it to the newspaper headlines, with leopards mentioned in the same sentence.

mulund yogi hills trek 11On the way down, there is Taramati Temple.

mulund yogi hills trek 16

So that wraps up the Yogi hills trek. It should take one almost 30 minutes to reach to the top. Have fun!



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2 responses to “Cycling to Mulund – Yogi Hills trek.

  1. Apurva

    January 9, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    just one word….WOW!! 🙂


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