Week 5: The One with The Last Month

17 Jul

I came back to Mumbai on 3rd July. Boy, it’s good to be home!

On Sunday morning, that weekend, a friend calls –

Friend: Where are you and what are you doing?
Me: Um.. Hi?
Friend: Get down in 5 mins, I’m coming to meet you.

See now that is the kind of awesomeness I was missing in the last month. I told mom that I’ll be meeting a friend in the building and will be back in a while. The “meeting in building” suddenly transformed to “going to Marines” (which, by the way, is 30 kms from where I stay) and “back in a while” became “back by evening”.

A good long drive, talking, catching up.

We reached Marines and were having Kulfi (frozen milk ice-cream) and heard this mellifluous tune, from Hero (the Bollywood movie), played on a baasuri. There was this guy, probably in his 4th decade, playing a baasuri. It was damn hot that noon so Bryan asked him which kulfi would he like to have (yes, that’s how awesome Bryo is), and got it for him. We started talking to him – asking where he was from and how were things going. He told us a bit about himself and a lot about baasuris; we decided to buy a couple of them. 

Here’s RV playing baasuri.


So, that was pretty much the first weekend in Mumbai.

PS: It’s my last month in Mumbai and I am yet to meet you. When are we meeting?
PPS: I am performing at The Hive (Khar), on 20th July (Monday), at Poetry on The Big Mic. Come?

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