Week 7: The One with Tell ’em!

26 Jul

Blog: Dude, what the fuck!
Me: What?
Blog: Why am I getting so much attention, all of sudden?
Me: Hah! You tell them the stories I want them to know…

We live in our stories, or our stories live in us… I’ll never know

Thanks a lot guys for such an overwhelming response for the last blog post. The Rockstar Autowallah uncle is now in a good place. We went to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM this week for an interview. I was thinking I’ll only meet RJ Meera; but I met Meera also. She is awesome to say the least. I hardly come across people who get involved in stories so much that I can see the child in them. Have a look at this one –


A new week, a new social experiment – Tell ’em!

tell 'em

What’s this?

On an average, we meet almost 10 new people everyday. (Had I mentioned these stats with – “According to a research at MIT…”, you would have believed it. *nods*)
So yes, we at least see 10 new people everyday – on the streets, in the train, at a mall, in a bus, anywhere and everywhere. Subconsciously, we classify them; we try to form an opinion (which we might forget the very next moment) of them. Sometimes, you want to tell them something that comes to your mind. But you don’t, because he/she is just a stranger.

This happens with me, a lot. So what I planned to do is, whenever I meet someone and I want to tell them something, which I might not be able to SAY, I will write that thing on a post-it sticker and stick that to their shirt or t-shirt, on the arms.

Why This –

When I do this, I get a chance to talk to them. Firstly I tell them why I wrote what I wrote on that post-it and then I can start talking to them. This way, I create an opportunity to TALK to them. If you can just accost someone and start talking to them, you probably don’t need this experiment. But this is a decent conversation starter. Basically a way of telling them what you felt about them when you saw them. The message can be as simple as “Nice shirt” or “Lovely smile” or “Stay awesome” – anything! You can click a picture with them, with that message, if they are okay with it. Nice memory, that. 🙂

Side effects (Basically what can go wrong) –

You may find people who get angry when you do this. Say sorry, smile and leave. Initially, out of 10, you will find 2 angry ones for sure. It’s okay. Rest 8, their smile and the small-talk with them will make your day. And it’ll make their day as well. My selfish desire it that I get to meet new people everyday, make new friends, get to know their stories.

“This is weird!”, you’d say.

Yes it is. Going out of your way to know someone who is a complete stranger to you, talking to them, making them smile, is weird. But, get off those computer screens and get down on streets. You may bump into someone you may end up with for next 50 years. Enough inspiration, that? 😉

I will post all the pictures I click doing this experiment, here

PS: This is inspired by Post It, a short film by Michael Evans.
PPS: Today is my last poetry performance at The Poetry Club, Mumbai.

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