Week 8, 9, 10: The One with 3 weeks in 1

29 Aug

This is my first post with the content of 3 weeks in 1, and probably the last. Never am I again going be this lousy. And thanks to that one person who kept asking me to publish this blog post. You know who you are!

Week 8 was my last week in Mumbai and boy was I excited!

Well, I hope I that was true. :/

I did not feel the enthusiasm even on the last day. Frankly, there was no enthusiasm to reach New York, no sad feeling of leaving Mumbai, no fear of missing out on something, no excitement to find something awesome. Weird, but yes that is how my last week was. I decided to go on a short 3 day road trip to Kutchchh, Gujarat – my hometown. I left on an early Sunday morning. I don’t know why but I enjoy my road trips better when I am alone. Have a look at my hometown!

































Week 9 started with my first day in New York. Moved to NYC, a big feat, for me. A dream. A dream of living in the city where F.R.I.E.N.D.S lived. NYC made me fall in love with it sooner than I thought. The yellow cabs, subway trains, morning greetings, 1$ pizza, the rush in the air, halal food-trucks, everything! Visited New York University, Washington Square park, Madison Square Avenue, Central Park and many more places. What I’ve noticed is, people here in NY are extreme. Either they are extremely warm and pleasing or they are extremely rude, there is no midway emotion. And this city has got some real pace; one of the reasons why I was so busy and hence the delay in the blog posts. But yes, so far so good. I am yet to visit Times Square.



















Week 10 has started and ended on a high note! I am getting used to this new place, which now I call my new home. Yes, I already love New York! This week was the “events” week, with all the grad orientation events lined up at NYU one after the other, almost all day, every day! I also gave my first interview for the part time job this week. The last event was the soireé. And the concept of after-party was experienced that night. After the soireé we went to Lexicon club in Manhattan, all suited up. Little did I know I’d be roaming on the streets of Manhattan, in a suit, post the after-party on a friday night at 3am – in just 20 days of being in NY.


Life surprises you, for good.

I’ve made some good friends in last 2 weeks. Also, I have a pact, with my roommates, of watching at least one episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S everyday. 😀

So overall, life has been good lately. Hectic, but good. And I promise I’ll post on weekly basis, without delay. For now, got to wash utensils. Tadah!

PS: +1 (347) 575-1195 is my new number.
PPS: Call me right away if you have a part-time job offer. 😀

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