Week 14: The One with Beautiful Mess

14 Jan

This week started with early morning kayaking at Marines, on Thursday. I had no idea that there were seagulls at Marine. I was amazed to see approximately 50, yes that many, of them flocking over the ocean. After so long, I finally went kayaking.

The 3/4th rule to predict tides.

All you need to know is when was the last new moon day.

Step 1: Subtract today’s date (or the date for which you want to predict the first high tide) with the last new moon day’s date and let’s call it X.
Step 2: Now multiply that X by 3/4.

The number that you get is the approximate time of the first high tide of that day. Further, if you want to, you can calculate low tide and the following high tide by adding ~6 hours.

Let’s take an example.

Last new moon day was on 10th January. So if I want to calculate today’s (that is, 14th January) high tide timing, all I do is:

Step 1: 14 minus 10. That is, 4.
Step 2: 4 x 3/4. That is, 3 So today’s first high tide was approximately around 3am. Confirm with Google to find 2.37 am as the exact time. Amazing stuff, right? RV taught me this.

Photo courtesy: RV




This was followed by recording Beautiful Mess on Friday. We – me and Bryan – met at his place and recorded some awesome songs. Fix You, Hey There Delilah and Beautiful Mess…

Well I guess it just suggests that this is just what happiness is”

Post those two days, another amazing evening was spent watching the sun set into the ocean. Yes you guessed it right, at Marines, again. 🙂


Sunday afternoon was spent reading The One That Got Away, by Priyanka Menon. It’s a really good book. If your heart skips a beat for someone or if it ever did, and if you’ve ever stayed in Bombay, you will connect with this book so much that you might just end up reading it again.


So the second week in Bombay was spent well. The next week looks more promising with a road trip, poetry session(s), cycling and a few more things that I haven’t planned yet. 

PS: Wazir and Bajirao Mastani are good movies.

PPS: I want company to watch Natasamrat. Anyone? Yes I still have those chocolates for you. When are we meeting?

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