Week 16: The One with What The Pakk!

29 Jan

This week started with a Goa trip. A trip where some lost their inhibitions, some new bonds were made, a few old ones were strengthened and to take care of all that, well, let’s just say there was alcohol. I made a new friend on this trip – Jessica. And inspired (or should I say ‘forced’ :P) her to restart blogging about all the travelling she does.

We, 4 of us, on our Activas, explored 6 beaches in 2 days. Baga, Vagator, Morjim, Ashvam, Arambol and er.. okay I don’t remember the 6th one. No, I am sober at this moment. Really!

On this trip, I realized how beautiful the dusk is! We always give all the credit to the sunset. I’d say stay there for next 15 minutes or so and look at the colors the dusk has to offer. Oh boy, it’s beautiful!


Sunset from Thalassa, Goa




I came back to Bombay yesterday. Played cricket in the evening. What fun! And then we, me and Bryan, went to KFC. Oh wait, even Sanika was there with us. (Sanika, I did this because you refused to recognize me yesterday just because I look different with a beard and without specs. -_-‘ )

Now, I’ll tell you the highlight of the week. So this is how it happened –

Kunj: You know what, let’s order 10 Zingers.
Sanika: *looks at me, at Bryan*
Bryan: *looks at me, at Sanika, again at me* Okay!

We, the three of us, ate 10 humongous zinger burgers and 4 mojitos. So much chicken! What the Pakk Pakk Pakkaaak!

This morning I gave birth to 2 chickens. Twins. ^_^



I’ll name them after my companions – Bryu and Sanu :’D

I’m leaving Bombay, tomorrow night, for at least 11 months. At least. Not a good feeling, this. But as Dan Wilson says, it is –

Closing time
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

PS: I read the handwritten letter, the one I received 10 days back, yesterday. Some things, when they end, make you smile. This letter was such.

PPS: You can write me one too! :’D

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