Week 17: The One where CitiBike is a Sucks!

05 Feb


With all the memories of Bombay, wrapped in two 23 kg suitcases, I landed in New York on the Sunday afternoon of 31st January. This is the first picture I clicked after landing.


A new semester, a new beginning.

The best part about New York – Washington Square Park. It was a cool yet sunny day this Tuesday and I went to Washington Square Park around noon. I like that place, majorly because I can just go there and sit watching artists – playing their music, dancing on their tunes, doing random happy stuff, yes, this is the place to be! You need to come to this place if you are in NY.


I met Eish and Bébé here, on that Tuesday. Oh, did I not introduce you to Bébé?



Everyone meet Bébé, Bébé meet everyone. Isn’t she adorable! :’) Well, she is equally fast *and* smooth! She’s already my love. No, you ain’t getting a ride.

Now why did I get Bébé? Because CitiBike is a sucks! :’D

Also, should I paint Bébé? I want to, but I am not sure if I should. Yes? No? Help me decide.

On a completely different note, this Wednesday, I resigned from a club I co-founded. Typing that email was one of the toughest things I have done lately. Parting has always been difficult. Always. But, sometimes you just have to and you need to. Enough on that topic. 

PS: I read another handwritten letter. Life has been pretty awesome, lately! I am writing a few letters this week. Keep an eye on your mailbox, you!

PPS: I have classes at NYU, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays. Owing to Saturday lectures, I am again going to miss Latin Ballroom Dance Club sessions. What the.. 

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