Week 19: The One with An Email

21 Feb

It’s 13:07 on a lazy Sunday afternoon and I have been contemplating about writing this blog post for last 19 hours. Yes, that’s when I actually started thinking about writing this one. Let’s rewind back to 18:00 hrs yesterday.

  • I got done with my Global Innovation lecture. Sent an email to a semi-crush from class. An email, because she left in the break and I never got a chance to talk to her. Can’t and won’t reveal the name, but you can have a look at the content of the email. I’m 83% sure of not getting a reply on this one, but there was a 0% chance of getting one had I not sent it.



  • On my way back home, taking the R train, we – me and Fan Wang – were talking about random topics. Education (in the US versus China), engagement and endurance, in that order. Doesn’t make sense, right? But that’s the most you can do in an R train on a Saturday evening.

  • Reached home and started thinking about writing this blog post. Almost made up my mind of starting with the post, post having Paneer bhurji and Rotis.

  • Sat in front of the blank screen, rewinding into the past week. Heck, I couldn’t remember a thing! Scrolling through random withdrawal syndrome posts on the internet and binge eating, I got bored. Why was I reading about withdrawal syndrome? No idea.

  • Something clicked, and I started writing a dark poem. Ended up with a sensuous romantic Should I, instead.

So last week was weird, fast *and* slow at the same time, lazy and conversational. Spent Valentine’s day with a friend, partly at a bar, partly at her place – talking about a lot of things from the past, present and future. Mature conversation. Wasn’t boring for me, at all.

Job, during the week, was routine. Watched Suits, a few episodes of FRIENDS and a couple of movies. Yes, that’s my routine at the place where I work on part-time basis.

Played the first Volleyball match of this Spring season of NYU Intramurals. Did I mention that my team, Spiked Punch, is awesome? Stacey, Daniel, Tyler, Albert, Pauline and me. So excited for this season!



I missed a helicopter ride yesterday. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to take that ride in coming week. Let’s see.

Missed an outing with my roommates, last night.

Missed recording my poem, as I was not able to decide which one I should start with. But, I have a request now to start with Would You. So, most probably I will be recording it in this week. Again, let’s see.

Also, I came across this poem in R train, on my way back home. What do you believe a poem should do? Ntozake Shange believes –



PS: What do you think, will I get a reply to that email?

PPS: Whatever be the case, I don’t regret sending it.

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