Week 20: The One with 4 Crushes, 3 Poems, 2 Cycle Rides and 1 Lost Game

29 Feb

Late by 4 days, I know. But, this week was amazing!

Tuesday: From what I remember, I bunked Marketing class on Tuesday to go cycling. Rode down the Brooklyn bridge on a windy, rainy evening. Why bunk the class for a ride, you ask? It’s an online lecture and I got to know there was no test! Isn’t that a reason enough already! I’ll watch the lecture video before the next class, I promise.

Wednesday: Played volleyball against Staff Infection. Yes, that’s the name of the team! Their game is inversely proportional to how weird their name is! They were one amazing team. Team of 6. 3 girls, 2 mind-numbingly cute ones. <insert heart-in-eyes smiley>
We played scrimmage games post the actual match. Fun time, that! This is how New York looked that night.


Thursday: Work, followed by some alone time at home. Watched Suits. Damn I cannot wait for one whole week for another episode to release. It is inhuman to make fans wait for *that* long. I watched the episode and wrote a poem around the plot. A blurry image of the plot, that. A Worthy Lie. In fact, I wrote two poems back to back that night. Sometimes I don’t write for months and then there are nights like these! Not complaining.

Friday: Went cycling with Shroffy. Got a bike from NYU Bikeshare. Well, I ain’t saying the cycles were bad, just that they won’t win an Oscar even after waiting for more years than Leo! But then a cycle is a cycle is a cycle. We rode from Downtown Manhattan to, and through, Central Park and then covered Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.


brooklyn bridge




Saturday: Date night.

Sunday: Went brunching with roommates. Strolled down Washington Square Park discussing how connected we are to that place. You can not get over the awesomeness of Washington Square Park. It was a sunny day. Perfect weather. A group of oldies playing country classics on one hand and a group of graduate students doing acapella on the other. Bubble Balloon man on one hand and Sand Art Painter (Rangoli artist) on the other. I mean, how cool is this place man!


NYU Acapella Group


Monday: Early morning free Uber ride till midtown Manhattan, courtesy Mister Keshav BofA Manjrekar and then a Swishy Subway Affair till work, courtesy the stranger I fell in love with.

All set for another week!

PS: There is a good chance I’ll be missing my Economics class tonight, albeit going to school, to meet a friend over burgers and cheesy fries at Shake Shack, right across school!

PPS: I’ll be gymming starting tomorrow! The burger dinner doesn’t look that bad now, eh! xD

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