Week 23: The One with The Last Snow

23 Mar

This week was the Spring break week. With 83% of my undergrad friends going to Miami and 83% of the rest of them flying to Cancun, I was almost certain that my week was going to be nothing more than drooling over their pictures. But it was more than that.

I went to my weekly work shifts, on time. Yes those last two words matter when it’s a vacation week.

I went to the gym to get the T-rex arms. The condition was this bad:


Scheduled an appointment at NYU Student Health Center. Well, the hot nurses there were my inspiration in taking pains to schedule an appointment and making it there on time. Don’t you just love it when someone addresses you as “honey” or “love”! But seriously, they’re damn good at their work. So if you’re an NYU student and aren’t feeling well or just want to meet some awesome nurses (stop with your “sexy nurse” porn category thought already, you pervert!), schedule an appointment.

The next night I was feeling better and we friends decided to go bar hopping. We weren’t in the mood to travel much, so we ended up at Salty Dog, 15 minutes from where I stay. I can’t complain, but I wouldn’t brag about that place either. It was a 6.5 on the scale of 10.

Remember me sulking about not making it during the assumed last snow of the season? I got lucky on the night.


          He: It’s snowing outside.
          She: Get out. It’ll be fun catching up in the snow.
          He: Cool, see you in an hour then!

And New York was covered with snow that night. So much that we couldn’t reach home till morning. Had to take shelter in the nearby vestibule kind of a place. I reached home at 7.25 am, had shower in 10 mins, got ready and left by 7.40 am for my Monday morning work shift. Now that was some serious dedication towards work, majorly towards those dollars I had to make, to survive the month. 

I went to Washington Square Park last afternoon. The place never disappoints. I have never seen such an instrument and have never listened to something so soothing since six months. Woah, pulled an amazing alliteration there. Woah, again! On fire, ain’t I! Irony that, as it was snowing just last night. Okay, I’ll stop now. But check out this amazing video.

On a random note, I got a pack of Swiss chocolates for helping a faculty, at my work place, download a file from her email and hitting Ctrl+P to that document. Did I mention I love my work place?

PS: 2 more letters reached India and Omaha.

PPS: I’m damn excited for 2 back to back volleyball matches tonight!

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