Week 24, 25: The One where NY’s Weather Snorts Marijuana

08 Apr

The last two weeks have been good, really good.

Went for my first Open Mic poetry performance in New York. Cooked breakfast and dinner regularly. Missed Econ lectures. Wrote two poems. Drove first time in New York. Filed tax returns.

Poetry Performance

On a Tuesday morning, last week, I sat to write this blog post (I wouldn’t have been late by a week had I not done what I did then). Clock hands merged as I was typing those random words on the screen. I took a break to make some green tea, only to never come back to the same page. I started searching for poetry clubs in and around New York. Found about this Open Mic hosted by Inspired Word NYC at Parkside Lounge. A quick google search made me realize that the lounge was just 30 mins from where I stay. Mental note said that I had my Marketing lecture in the evening, exactly when this Open Mic was scheduled. But it was an online lecture anyway and I *could have* watched it later in the week, so I decided to go for this gig. It was an amazing space. There were 25 performers and around 40-50 people in the audience. There was one person who came to support me there. I am sure others were present, in spirit. Yes, you. I read Would You, When I look into your eyes and Undone, in that order. Here’s the video of my performance.



I used to skip my breakfast because I used to wake up around 11 am. Yes, on the days when I did not have a early morning 9 am work shift, I used to wake up that late. Missing breakfast ruins your lunch, because you tend to have an early lunch. I never come home before 9 pm and then I start cooking dinner. So the early lunch has already made me so hungry that I’ll eat a heavy dinner and then sleep in no time. It doesn’t take a food scientist to judge that that’s a fucked up food routine.

So I started waking up around 9-9:30 am. Breakfast was enjoyed.

1. Tea and poha with peanuts.



2. Green tea, jam and bread, omelette sunny side up.


3. Cheeseburger with fries, coffee at Wrap n Run. (Typical New Yorker breakfast, that)


4. Poha, again!


Poha again! And the cycle repeats. I am bored of this. These are the only three things that I have for breakfast. Suggest me something else that I can cook. Only requirement is, it should be something that can be cooked in like 20 minutes max!

On a completely different note, advertising in Subway trains has been spot on! Have a look at this –


I was going to publish this blog post yesterday and that’s when I wrote this –

“I have a volleyball match tonight. Knock-outs have begun! It’s time to pull up the socks and kick some ass! I’ll update you about what happens in tonight’s match. For no reason I am reminded of the dialogue sequence from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag –

Opposite team’s coach: Milkha, ye tumhaare zindagy ki aakhri race ho sakti hai.
Milkha Singh:
*Death stare* Dodoonga bhi vaise hi.

Too much drama, that? Banta hai, it’s been two weeks!”

Update: We won the match! 😀

Team picture? Here you go –


And this is how NYC looked last night –


PS: I am planning to cycle to Coney island for some beach side photography. Let’s hope New York’s weather stops snorting marijuana and it gets a bit stable and less colder.

PPS: In tl;dr, I lied about finishing with filing the tax returns. Federal tax returns are done. State tax returns are yet to be mailed. Will get it done by tomorrow.

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