Week 26: The One with A Thousand Years

17 Apr

This week has been – I don’t know, I’d say it was one of the most beautiful ones.

I cycled to Coney Island from my place. This is the route I took –


Why Coney island, you’d ask? Well, because, why not?

I had been to this place last time in August 2015, with school friends. This time I went there all by myself. As I was chaining my bebe there, I saw a bunch of guys playing beach volleyball. If you know me, you know I cannot not play volleyball, at any point of time.


Post an hour of playing, I sat there by the waves, clicking almost anything and everything. Sunset was enjoyed sipping a coffee at the beach, with this new Egyptian friend I made there. Have a look at how beautiful this place looks.









On Monday, I woke up at 6:30 and left for work around 7:30. Train routes were altered and I was running late for my 9 am work shift. As I swiped my card to enter the platform, I saw the train. It was about to leave. I ran to get in. As I was about to get into the train, someone bumped into me and the wallet fell from my hand. Cards, school id, etc., everything fell out. I collected all of that and got into the train. I sit there and check my wallet to realize my debit card is missing. Got out at the next station and blocked the card. I am just glad there were no unauthorized transactions. I made it to work place in time. Usually I don’t carry cash here in NY because card works for almost everything. And as I had no card with me for the rest of the day, I couldn’t have food till I reached school in the evening. Keshav asked me to meet at this Chinese food joint, just outside campus. That kind soul paid for my first meal that day. But I’m sure that bastard asked me to come to that place for he wanted to hit on that Chinese waitress.

I attended Econ lecture that night. The time just stops in that lecture. The clock won’t tick and I have no idea why! His lectures are more boring than Taher Shah’s videos. I don’t even… I am just glad it did not kill me. Owing to attending that lecture, I missed a volleyball match at school. Our team lost. Not that I’m implying anything, but I certainly was at the wrong place that night. Not a good start to the week, that. I hope you, the ones who wanted me to not miss the lectures for my matches, are happy now. Dad, stop grinning as you read this.

This week I wrote 2 poems. Many more to come. Also, I am planning to start a poetry podcast. Remember I told you guys about how I was planning to video record my poems? Someone suggested poetry podcast. It seems like a easier option and a more sensible, doable one at the moment. And I’m excited about it. In a couple of days, I will be ordering a mic. I need your help. Any suggestions?

I plan to start eating healthy food, hereon. Enough of this Gujju-paunch. Okay it isn’t that much of a paunch. But I want to lose it. I will. Will rotate between cycling, brisk walking and jogging throughout the week. Also, I am almost ready with my fortnightly menu. As the rule of thumb, heavy breakfast in the day. A decent lunch (If at all, that is. Because I hardly get time to have lunch). Salads for dinner. Thank you for helping me with setting up this menu, yes you!

Also, there were a couple of sleepless nights this week. An amazing one. A restless one.

Tweet 1.png

PS: Did you meet my baby?


That’s Jhappi. Everyone say Hi to Jhappi. Jhappi, say Hi to everyone.
Jhappi woofs at you.

Start expecting more romantic poems.



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