Week 27: The One with Stories

26 Apr

It’s been 9 days since I wrote the last post. I honestly don’t know if there is too much that has happened in last 9 days or if there’s nothing. But definitely there are stories –

Of Poetry:

There were times when I did not write for months and there were times when I wrote regularly. These days, I write a lot. Poems, posts, everything. Heck, I’m even starting with my Marketing paper this evening! In words of an NYU undergrad – that’s dope, brah!
Lately, I sit at Washington Square Park with this board –


People have been kind. They love it when I read a poem I wrote for them, to them. I’ve earned a lot. A lot of hugs and smiles. Come by, some day.

Of Re-connection:

I tried to re-connect with a friend from England. Glad to know she is doing good. Sometimes we take a lot of time, and lose out on lots of sunsets, before we say the simplest of things.

I got a message from another friend from France today. Talking to her about life, poetry, ambition and plans, was lovely. We reconnected. A much needed re-connection, that.

And, a random stranger tweeted this to me, a few minutes back –


I don’t write for appreciation, validation or acceptance. I write to express. But I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t feel good to read/hear something like this. I believe we all need that push. A push to start something new, a push to keep doing what we are doing – a push to go on. Thank you, you random follower. 🙂

Of Spring:

New York’s weather is at it’s best these days. After almost 5 months of black and white, NYC wears colors, and how!



PS: I got done with my CPT filing today. If you don’t understand that word, it isn’t important to you. So chill.

PPS: I got a handwritten letter from India. It feels good to be on the receiving end. I am yet to reply to you, but I promise I will.

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