Week 28, 29: The Ones with Swaying and Hanging

09 May

Exactly 14 days since the last blogpost. I don’t know why am I acting so lazy lately, but calm your tits bitches, I have some awesome stories to tell you!

I attended the Open Ball Room Dance Party at Bryant Park last Wednesday. No, it wasn’t raining. They taught us a few steps, played some awesome music, and we swayed. From people who knew pro level Bachata to people who could not spell Bacahata Bachaatta Bachata, there were all of them. I met Ally that night at Bryant Park. ‘Twas a fun night, that!

Have a look at this small clip. Also, feel free to gift me a new phone if you want to complain about the video quality.


Post that dance session, we went for a walk. A long walk, approximately an hour conversing about childhood, living in a new city all by ourselves, love, relationships, architecture (she is an architect), siblings, FRIENDS and How I Met Your Mother, movies, etc. Yes, a long walk that!

Thursday was a quiet one which was spent working on essays, cooking, watching FRIENDS, etc. I am yet to do laundry though.

Weekend was fun. Post my last lecture of Global Innovation, I went to DUMBO Boulder Wall Climbing event. That was their opening day and hence was free to all!

I met and became friends with some really awesome (and fit) people there. Look at this awesomeness –












Amazing, wasn’t it?

So those two weeks weren’t that lazy after all! And I have planned on running for at least half an hour a day, accompany?

I have been eating out a lot these days. Subway sandwiches don’t hurt health-wise, but wallet is getting lighter by the day and I ain’t so weak to carry that load. So yes, I need to cook more in the coming week.

PS: I am promised to be taken to a new place tomorrow. Let’s see if I can grab some good pictures there. Also, a Hoboken waterfront night trip might happen some time this week.

PPS: The position for being my dance partner is still up for the grabs. Kindly send in your resumé or get your tushy at Bryant Park this Wednesday!


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