Week 33: The One with Chimichanga and Chai

14 Apr

Hola! Yes, I’m trying a new font this time. Like it?

It has been a long time since I wrote on this thread. Let me spread the last 4 months of my life, in a few pictures. This is what I did –

abcShared a setting sun with Jessica in Jaipur

Had a sumptuous meal by Pichola lake in Udaipur

BadshahChilled with Badshah in Rajasthan

Played with this furball on the way towards the Monkey temple

Cuddled and snuggled and hugged the hell out of Simba

Ate bhakri and slurped Kutchi-beer in the brick house of farmers in Kutch

engagementAttended her engagement

gujaratAlmost played James Franco from 127 Hours in Gujarat

KKHH date
Went for a SRK-Kajol-from-KKHH kinda date

After all this, I came back to New York to resume work.

There were times when I felt like going back to India, for family, for friends, for the dogs I met on this trip, for the awesome places I visited there and just because I was longing to go back. I started contemplating the severity of this move and weighed the pros and cons.

But on the following Saturday, I went to Washington Square Park, Central Park and all my favorite places in New York. And – I fell in love again! I got lucky that NY’s weather wasn’t snorting Marijuana that weekend. Played volleyball in the Park, ate pollo Chimichanga, and read The Partner under the tree. Got back home around 11 in the night and snuggled under the blanket with a warm cup of masala chai. That cup of chai almost made me realize – we can’t do much about the things that, according to us, aren’t right. Not that the chai was poorly made, just a thought.

And I decided to stay put (Majorly because of the Chimichanga and the Chai)

Now I am having a good time in New York. Two weeks back, I played baseball.
Correction: I learned baseball.
Correction: I tried to learn baseball.

And I am going to play basketball as a part of a charity event hosted by my Firm, on the 28th of this month. Just last week I started learning the sport and ended up hurting my feet. Now, my friends are playing outside at this moment, and all I can do is write about it. But no worries, Kunj-Jordon-Karia will be right back!

Also, a random crush on Twitter suggested that I read Haruki Murakami’s South of the Border, West of the Sun. I gave it a shot, and I can tell you it’s worth a quick read. Now I am reading a meta-fiction novel – If on a winter’s night a traveller, by Italo Calvino. Hopefully I’ll finish it over the weekend and give you my review of it by next week.

Oh and did I tell you I am trying to learn Spanish? Well that explains why I started this blog-post with a Hola! 😀

So to sum it up, this is what I have planned for the rest of the month:

  • Learn Basketball. (Learn enough to appreciate the game at least
  • Learn Spanish. (Learn enough to fluently flirt at least)
  • Finish If on a winter’s night a traveller
  • Be regular at updating Zindagy Weekly thread.

Phew! That’s gonna be a lot, but let’s give it a try.

PS: Hanz de Fuko is here! Brace yourself for my new look!

PPS: I need to get a hang of maintaining my expenditure log. Just saying.

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