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As I read about people offering
food packets and shelter,
to the ones stranded in the rains, on the streets, away from home,

A crow stares at me
from the branch of the tree right outside my window,
getting drenched,
probably thinking about his family.


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If you could


You’ll start by writing to her,
And you wouldn’t expect her to write back to you, a handwritten letter,
but she would,
She wouldn’t expect you to fly to her, out of nowhere, just to see her,
but you would,
You wouldn’t expect her to hug you, a way which leaves you asking for time to stop,
but she would,
And she wouldn’t expect you to sniff her hair in that hug, tightening the hug,
but you would,
You wouldn’t expect her to laugh her heart out to your crappy jokes, as you two have dinner overlooking the moon in the river,
but she would,
She wouldn’t expect you to hold her as she leans on your shoulder, silently staring at the stars,
but you would,
And you wouldn’t expect her to lean in that kiss, and feel the warmth, as her lips melt in yours,
but she would,
She wouldn’t expect you to pick her up in that kiss, as her fingers pull your hair,
but you would,
You wouldn’t expect her to lose all her clothes, pulling you so close,
but she would,
She wouldn’t expect you to kiss every inch of her beautiful naked body, licking those curves, kissing her neck, those neck bones, her nipples, her navel,
but you would…
You wouldn’t expect her to bare her soul to you, as you two lay under that blanket, breathing softly, whispering your stories,
but she would,
And she wouldn’t expect you to kiss her eyes as a tear rolls down in the middle of that story,
but you would,
You wouldn’t expect her to sleep in spoon, with your arm around her, and feel the safest she’s ever felt,
but she would,
She wouldn’t expect you to wake up early, just so that you can watch her sleep and capture that sweet sight in the reel of your mind,
but you would,
You wouldn’t expect her to kiss you that parting kiss, a soft slow kiss that lingers,
but she would…

You two wouldn’t expect any of this to happen,
but it would

Just promise me, you wouldn’t stop yourself from loving again, if you could




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In the length of that moment

Suddenly, your eyes meet mine,
and in the length of that moment,
I feel –
the rush of when a roller-coaster, climbing the rails, almost reaches the peak,
the calm of when a dew drop, rolling down the leaf, slowly leaves the tip,
the ruckus the winds create just before the storm,
the peace of when the moonlight reflects from the surface of a gently flowing river,
the solitude of when you’re standing still and the water recedes from the shore, taking away the sand from under your feet,
the oneness of when a puff of smoke disappears in the air
the melancholy of parting,
and the joy of the reunion,
the awe of staring at a clear night sky full of stars,
the fear of impermanence of ecstasy
the warmth of when a cloud hugs a mountain, just before the rain,
and the hope of when the sun rises from the ocean, kissing the horizon again

It’s been days and weeks and months and years, my love,
but when I close my eyes and our eyes meet,
in the length of that moment, I feel all of this

And I dream a bit more of you
because, I don’t know, how not to




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Between you, me and New York

unnamed (2)

I’ve told the trees of Central Park
the story of how I met you,
and they were listening intently, to every word I spoke, without blinking,
like you do

I’ve told the Hudson about those nights we’ve spent together,
laying on your bed, under my blanket,
Yes, I know I should have skipped that last part

Brooklyn Bridge knows a couple of things about you –
not much, just the basic ones like
how many sugars you take in your coffee
and how you hate pineapples, apart from on pizza,
how you love wearing my used t-shirts
and how you keep re-reading my handwritten letters,
how you used to smile when I hugged you from behind
and how you used to melt in my arms when I kissed you at night

They all ask me why aren’t we together,
I smile and tell them –
“We don’t want to break the promise we never made”



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Two and a half steps

two and a half steps

Taking two and a half steps,
Placing an order for donuts,
I fell for the girl at the cash counter;
Smiling at me, looking into my eyes locking the stare,
She tore the bill from the machine,
And as I started surfing in the wave of thoughts
Of how she would –
Wake me up with that smile,
And make my day with that smile,
Hug me tight as I come back home,
And kiss me to sleep with that smile –
Her phone rang with, “Husband” calling
And she answered it quick, with that smile

Turning back from the counter
Thinking probably it’s not my day,
Smiling at my bag of donuts,
I started walking away

Two and a half steps
And I fell for this girl walking towards a table
She was struggling with her bags,
Blonde hair
flying at the mercy of the air,
Our eyes met around the aisle
Just for a second or two, but it seemed like a while
And as she passed by me, she pushed a smile,
Turning back to look at her
I started surfing in those waves again,
I thought how she’d make me breakfast everyday,
maybe even cupcakes and milkshakes in month of May,
and how we’ll snuggle and cuddle and sleep in spoon
in the diamond-lit sky of the dark new moon,
and how she’d kiss, a sip of the coffee and a sip of me
I thought of how our lives would be,
She placed the bags at the table and kissed that guy,
I fell from that imaginary surf board as the wave passed by

I shrugged and sighed and slid a smile,
And walked outta the door, following that aisle,
Thought I’d just float for a while in that lull of pain,
Two and half steps,
And guess what –
A wave…
A wave hit me again!


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On a sunny Saturday
Besides her sydney silky,
Between the sunlight sliding through
her smooth long gorgeous hair
Bouncing off Mumma’s given silver earrings,

She sits,
waiting for the one fluent in silence


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Have you ever watched someone?


Have you ever watched someone?
Someone who didn’t know that you were watching –
A six month old child playing with with the drapes
Or an old woman waiting for the bus
Maybe that guy who is rushing because he is late, always,
A bunch of kids peacefully playing under the shade of that tree…

When you watch someone as no one
and still feel that warmth,
a wave of calm runs down the back of your eyes, your neck, your back, through your hips
and calves to your toes,
and you just connect with that stranger, briefly,
as if you’ve always shared a bond with them

When you watch that close, from a distance
you see the real them,
their unsullied self,
their humanity

And that’s what, my darling, I fell in love with when I saw you
now how can this not be true?



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