Week 32: The One with Fancy Socks

A new semester begins in exactly 10 days. This would be my last semester at school. This would be the last semester of my whole academic life. I am not excited about “A new beginning”. But I want to change a lot of things about myself. And I have that long list in my head, so I won’t bug you with that one now, but if you want to talk about those and lend an ear, we can arrange for a green tea date. Yes, losing some weight tops that list!

To fight the boredom that’s accompanying me lately, I tried going out for shopping today. Yes, that level of desperation for doing something and that lame a decision! I got a few t-shirts and shorts for running. Right, I invested money for the activity that I am not even actively pursuing. But but but, the idea behind this is – *long pause, speaking slowly* if I have invested in running, I will finally start taking this activity seriously!

Apart from that, I also bought myself a few pairs of “Happy” socks and a sexy leather jacket. At least that girl on the subway thought it looks sexy. And seriously, those are Happy socks. Look!


Fancy socks have got my attention. I want all those weird fancy socks. Let me know if you find such a collection somewhere in New York.

Also, while walking back home I came across this bike.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-27 at 21.31.59

Weird, right? Why would someone paint his/her bike white! But I’d like to meet this person.

And I watched a short film this week – Interior Cafe Night. It’s a movie starring Naseeruddin Shah and Shernaz Patel. A brilliant story, that! Watch it, it’s on YouTube.

I just want school to start and so will my part time job. The only reason I want those two to start is, I’d be outdoor more than I am now. And that increases the possibility of bumping into someone on the street and falling in love with that someone. You see I got a point!

There’s always a point!

PS: I am still looking for a Salsa/Bachata partner.

PPS: I am going to be a part of the Volleyball team at NYU from next week for the semester, again. Yay! 😀


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Week 31: The One with 13 weeks in 31


Long time, eh? Exactly 94 days, but who is keeping a count any way!

Last Zindagy Weekly update was on 18th May. Why did I not write in last 13 weeks? I’d be lying if I mumbled “No idea”, but I will do exactly that. Last 13 weeks were good, really good. At least 12 of them were. Let’s just put it this way – I got to wear suits and enter a 42 storey glass building in the heart of New York city for work, for 10 weeks straight. The best thing about working at that place? People.

Also, at the moment, there is a damn cute girl right across my building, in her gallery. She is sipping coffee sitting on her cozy recliner.

Anyway let’s not digress. Yesterday I was damn bored. In fact, since last one week I am bored. Bored of doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Watching 10 episodes of Narcos, 2 YouTube web-series and 7 movies does not count as work. This is the first time I am reluctant to travel without company. This is the first time I am hating not doing anything.

So if you have something I can help you with – something like walking your dog with you, sharing a pizza slice, cuddling (applicable only to female readers), helping you with some chore, giving you relationship advise (well, yes I am up for doing things I don’t know shit about) – ping me! You don’t have to pay me; a coffee is enough, unless the thing I am helping you with is – having coffee.

Also, I just saw outside the window and our eyes met. Fuck, this is getting serious!

I am going cycling right now for a while. Planning to start with HIIT routine from tomorrow. I have a feeling I’ll be writing a few poems too in the next couple of days. Probably will perform somewhere as well. Come if you can! Also, someone teach me how to play a guitar? And are you up for joining me to learn some dance form? Salsa, Tango, Bachata, anything!

PS: I am done with the break from writing. I plan to keep this space updated as usual, on weekly basis. No, I promise I will. Just that I won’t be updating it on Facebook.

PPS: I saw outside the window again. Her blonde hair are at the mercy of the wind. *In British accent* Oh bloody well, I feel I am in love, again!

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A part of you
A part of me
Apart off us, a part

A part of you
A part of me
A part of us, apart

Somewhere between then and now,
that happened


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Week 30: The One with the Silvas

A lot of things happened this week!

I went for my first breakfast date. Yes, that is a thing! Had lovely food with awesome company at Cafe Henri, followed by walks around the waterfront across Manhattan skyline. Cafe Henri serves amazing breakfast!


Wednesday work shift ended at 7pm and I went to another date, this time with a girl from Mexico. I won’t tell you the first name but her surname is Silva. Yes, she is one of the Silvas I met this week. We had a coffee at the Top of the Rock – Rockefeller Center. That was my first time at one of the tallest towers of New York. The weather was perfect – neither too cold nor too hot. I learnt a bit of Spanish that night. Or well, let’s just say I can flirt in Spanish now.

That’s how NYC looked from the Top of the Rock that night.


I met amazing people at PH-D Rooftop Lounge. Spanish, Mexican, German, Ukrainian, Indian – all of them in one frame! This happens only in NYC.


The week ended on a high and I had final exams on Monday and Tuesday. Already got my first A at NYU this semester. Yay! 2 more grades to come in next couple of days.

NYU had Commencement ceremony today at Yankee stadium and Grad-Alley yesterday at Washington Square Park. Empire State was lit in Violet and White in honor of NYU’s 184th Commencement on 17th May, 2016. Have a look at this beauty –



And the most important thing of the past week –

I met Jason Silva.

He is another Silva I met this week. This man is awesome! I have been following his Shots of Awe since last couple of years now and I am amazed by his thoughts, the way he portrays and expresses them. His Shots of Awe videos leave me speechless almost every single time. He was walking down the streets of Manhattan. I was on a phone call when I saw him. I don’t know when I cut the call and just went to him –

“Jason Silva?”
“Yes” *smiles*
We talked for about 6-7 minutes. Now I saw Leonardo DiCaprio this week at Marquee and I did not take a picture with him, but this is Jason! How could I not! I can die in peace now, literally.


Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 2.06.32 PM

PS: Exams have ended and I plan to resume with Poem for a Word. Try and stop by at Washington Square Park. And I am planning to join Handball clubs around the city. Let me know if you know of any.

PPS: It is Wednesday today and I am looking for a date for ball room at Bryant Park tonight. Who’s up!

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Week 28, 29: The Ones with Swaying and Hanging

Exactly 14 days since the last blogpost. I don’t know why am I acting so lazy lately, but calm your tits bitches, I have some awesome stories to tell you!

I attended the Open Ball Room Dance Party at Bryant Park last Wednesday. No, it wasn’t raining. They taught us a few steps, played some awesome music, and we swayed. From people who knew pro level Bachata to people who could not spell Bacahata Bachaatta Bachata, there were all of them. I met Ally that night at Bryant Park. ‘Twas a fun night, that!

Have a look at this small clip. Also, feel free to gift me a new phone if you want to complain about the video quality.


Post that dance session, we went for a walk. A long walk, approximately an hour conversing about childhood, living in a new city all by ourselves, love, relationships, architecture (she is an architect), siblings, FRIENDS and How I Met Your Mother, movies, etc. Yes, a long walk that!

Thursday was a quiet one which was spent working on essays, cooking, watching FRIENDS, etc. I am yet to do laundry though.

Weekend was fun. Post my last lecture of Global Innovation, I went to DUMBO Boulder Wall Climbing event. That was their opening day and hence was free to all!

I met and became friends with some really awesome (and fit) people there. Look at this awesomeness –












Amazing, wasn’t it?

So those two weeks weren’t that lazy after all! And I have planned on running for at least half an hour a day, accompany?

I have been eating out a lot these days. Subway sandwiches don’t hurt health-wise, but wallet is getting lighter by the day and I ain’t so weak to carry that load. So yes, I need to cook more in the coming week.

PS: I am promised to be taken to a new place tomorrow. Let’s see if I can grab some good pictures there. Also, a Hoboken waterfront night trip might happen some time this week.

PPS: The position for being my dance partner is still up for the grabs. Kindly send in your resumé or get your tushy at Bryant Park this Wednesday!


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Train wreck


Love, you asked me “What’s love, maa?”
I don’t know what exactly it is, honey
But I know it’ll destroy you,
for it’s a disaster. A train wreck.
It’ll break you to pieces –

And if he is still ready to love
a broken you,
And find solace in your crying eyes,
Kiss you to sleep in those darkest nights,
Write a poem for you to mend a fight –

Dig your nose in the hollow of his neck
and ask him what love means to him,
I’m sure he’ll tell you while playing with your hair,
Just promise to tell me what he says?
For I can’t ask, and else will never know
For I lost my chance
And now he’s far away



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Week 27: The One with Stories

It’s been 9 days since I wrote the last post. I honestly don’t know if there is too much that has happened in last 9 days or if there’s nothing. But definitely there are stories –

Of Poetry:

There were times when I did not write for months and there were times when I wrote regularly. These days, I write a lot. Poems, posts, everything. Heck, I’m even starting with my Marketing paper this evening! In words of an NYU undergrad – that’s dope, brah!
Lately, I sit at Washington Square Park with this board –


People have been kind. They love it when I read a poem I wrote for them, to them. I’ve earned a lot. A lot of hugs and smiles. Come by, some day.

Of Re-connection:

I tried to re-connect with a friend from England. Glad to know she is doing good. Sometimes we take a lot of time, and lose out on lots of sunsets, before we say the simplest of things.

I got a message from another friend from France today. Talking to her about life, poetry, ambition and plans, was lovely. We reconnected. A much needed re-connection, that.

And, a random stranger tweeted this to me, a few minutes back –


I don’t write for appreciation, validation or acceptance. I write to express. But I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t feel good to read/hear something like this. I believe we all need that push. A push to start something new, a push to keep doing what we are doing – a push to go on. Thank you, you random follower. 🙂

Of Spring:

New York’s weather is at it’s best these days. After almost 5 months of black and white, NYC wears colors, and how!



PS: I got done with my CPT filing today. If you don’t understand that word, it isn’t important to you. So chill.

PPS: I got a handwritten letter from India. It feels good to be on the receiving end. I am yet to reply to you, but I promise I will.

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