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Week 35: The One with 5 States

I know these posts are becoming more like a monthly thing than weekly, but things are about to change. This time for real.

First things first – I moved to a new apartment in June. A house where I live alone. It is a good feeling to sign a lease with just your name on it. On the one hand, you have complete freedom – you can cook whenever and whatever, sleep wherever, read at peace, roam around naked (yes, you read that right), keep the house as clean as you like and want it to be, play music at the volume you like, and paint the walls as you please! But on the other hand, you know that you are the only one responsible for anything and everything that goes wrong with the house. You are the only one who has to take care of all the bills, seal that leakage in the bathroom, fix that broken knob by yourself, take out the trash from time to time, and make peace with the walls around. But I like this I-got-responsibility-now kind of scary feeling. It makes me more diligent, more efficient. Been just eight weeks in this new house and I am already proud of myself for making this happen. Let’s see how this goes! I would’ve put some pictures of the house here, but I have a better idea – come over for a coffee! Also – don’t come unannounced – you read about the roaming around naked, didn’t you?

Moving on, I want to tell you about how I went to five different states in last two months (New York/New Jersey are not counted in this list).

I went on a road trip to the West coast – San Francisco, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Malibu and Las Vegas. Basically California, Arizona and Nevada states. This was in mid June. The highlight of that trip was a day at Yosemite, the long drives to Napa Valley vineyards and awesome breakfast and dinner in Mariposa village.

Napa ValleyNevada FallsSan FranVegasVenice Beach

For more pictures, click here

Second trip was to Atlanta, Georgia. I mean, Hot-lanta! It is the Peachtree city, the home of peaches, and the home of Coke. Conversations on the banks of Chattahoochee river, kayaking with a dog (Perro in Spanish) swimming alongside you, and sipping Old Fashioned while swaying to live country music on the rooftop overlooking Atlanta were the highlights of that trip. What made the trip that much fun was the amazing company I had to show me around. Nirvanna, you’re right, Atlanta does not have a skyline. Carey, the city still looks beautiful from rooftops!


Third trip was to Cincinnati, Ohio. Majorly Dayton in Ohio. This was around mid July. Walking down the silent streets of Yellow Spring, randomly entering antique hole-in-the-wall stores and buying a 1959 typewriter were the highlights of this one. Yes, a functioning typewriter! I was the happiest guy in Ohio that evening. There is something about a typewriter that the keyboard of even a Mac cannot offer. I love the sound of when the steel plates of alphabets hit the paper. The plan is to punch words on the paper weaving them into poetry.

Yellow Spring

I met people on these trips, had random conversations (no small talk though) with strangers, spent time with myself, learned how people are so different from each other yet so similar to each other, and marveled at how we humans have this ability to understand each other. We have invented languages to communicate and we can make someone understand us! Take a minute and think about how mindbogglingly (yes, mindbogglingly) awesome that is! Some food for thought, that…

On a completely different note, I got texts from three friends – all on different continents – asking me why I don’t write more frequently and how they love reading my blog. I’ll be honest it felt so good to read those messages! And there was a new comment on the blog post I wrote in my freshmen year at college, about my freshmen year at college. The guy is about to start his college life, he said. It felt good to know how some blog post, as trivial as it is, is still being read somewhere by someone. These doses of inspiration keep me going. Thanks guys! (Is anyone around, I want to hug someone!)

It’s a Saturday evening and the weather is serene. A cool breeze, and the sun shining over the currents of Hudson river. I hear birds chirping on the tree just outside the window and cars swooshing on the Verrazano bridge – it’s time for another cup of coffee 🙂

See you next week!


PS: I mean it, next week!

PPS: You might be wondering about the “Saturday evening” part in the last paragraph. Well, that’s when I actually wrote this blog-post. Editing pictures took some time.

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